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I used to frequent Newgrounds plenty when I was in high school, back when this was purely a site for flash cartoons. I made this account during my college days then forgot about it. I normally upload my artwork onto Deviant Art. But I have found that the standard of quality and community have gone down over the years, made worse now with AI art. I looked up Newgrounds the other day as I was reminiscing about the websites from our childhoods, and found that it not only has a vibrant art community, but holds standards of quality. So, I have already uploaded a selection of my pieces and will strive to upload future pieces here. I look forward to interacting with the community here.


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Available for Work

Commissions are OPEN

I am opening myself up for commission work here. Here are my rules:

  • I will not draw anything explicitly pornographic, though I am not opposed to tasteful nudity and pin-up style drawings. Any other content restrictions is up to my discretion.
  • I accept payment through Paypal or bank etransfer, funds will be in Canadian dollars so the rates will be adjusted for currency conversion.
  • Once I make a sketch that you approve of, payment must be made before I progress further. If I am unable to complete the piece for whatever reason, the payment will be refunded.
  • I will keep you up-to-date with work in progress pieces for your approval along the way.

Here are my rates, these apply per character in image.

chest up

line art $20

add flat colors +$5

add simple shading +$8 or

add complex shading +$15

knees up

line art $25

add flat colors +$7

add simple shading +$10 or

add complex shading +$20

full body

line art $30

add flat colors +$9

add simple shading +$12 or

add complex shading +$25

Premium pieces; "lineless" art with high quality shading

chest up $100

knees up $150

full body $200

Simple shading example

Complex shading example

Premium Piece example

Simple backgrounds are free of charge. Requests for detailed backgrounds are priced according to complexity.